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beautiful sunset.

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Lmao outdoor showers got me like

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"Black girls don’t get told we are beautiful enough. Black girls aren’t always told we can be princesses. Cute, sweet, innocent, pure- these are not words black girls often hear associated with us. Fast, sassy, mouthy, too grown, angry, aggressive- those are the words that get shot at us like darts. Black girls are not girls- we are mini women who are forced to be strong. You must tell black girls they are beautiful, innocent, sweet, magical. You must treat black girls as girls. Then, you can talk about black girl characters whose looks and femininity doesn’t matter. Otherwise, you are just maintaining the status quo- denying black girls our beauty and femininity."

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"True rebels, after all, are as rare as true lovers, and, in both cases, to mistake a fever for a passion can destroy one’s life."

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five random facts about me   



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1- i own too many earrings! I love stud earrings and I literally have hundreds of pairs and I usually wear a different pair each day

2-i clean my ears all day long with q tips. i guess its not actually cleaning them, but its like the best feeling in the world to me to…

1. I built a radio out of paper towel and tissue rolls, aluminium foil, and random wires in the 9th grade

2. I haven’t broken a bone.

3. I was climbing over fences at 2.

4. I can, low key, beatbox pretty good.

5. I wish I had a rapper persona cause I’d be out here killing the game. Lyrics on 10

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1. I’m at a very vulnerable stage in my life…(soft moment.😢😂😁
2. When I was younger I preferred ketchup and pickles on everything!
3. One of my childhood nicknames was meatloaf.
4. I am trying to challenge myself to read more.
5. I am a starving artist.
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Tbt….One of the best days/experience of my life! #MeAndBill #BillAsThe42ndPresident #ActuallyISawAllTheClintons #AndAllTheFashionGawds #AnnaWintour #AndreLeonTalley #OscarDeLaRenta #JustToNameAFew #IAmNotBoogie #IAmCultured

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When they say Africa is poor…

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Bantu in Tanzania by @oroma_elewa

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